The Betrayal of Innocence

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Joseph Aizenberg escapes with only minutes to spare. As his homeland erupts into civil war and tens of thousands of his countrymen are butchered, Joseph evades Government troops to begin a new life in exile. Separated from his family with no money or possessions, he is forced to confront his past and make decisions that culminate in the slaughter of so many dear to him.

Half a century later, Ellen, Joseph’s granddaughter travels with her family to Italy only to find herself caught up in the brutality of Mussolini’s Fascist Rule. Unbeknown to her, because of the choices made by her Grandfather so many years earlier, she is condemned to years of violence, uncertainty and desolation as she struggles to overcome her obsession to see the guilty pay.


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Reviews for The Betrayal of Innocence

“I stumbled across your book ‘The Betrayal of Innocence’ recently in a charity store. I have just read it in the space if 2 days. An absolutely gripping, emotional rollercoaster. I want to thank you for such marvellous writing and only wish I had stumbled across it sooner. I will definitely be seeking to source your other books. I hope you receive this message with the knowledge that your words are still touching people, even a 25yr old young aspiring author in the UK. Hope you are keeping well and safe.”

Meg Banasik

“Just read this with the time on my hands due to the Covid 19 lock down and could hardly put it down. It seemed so realistic and believable and was truly emotional. Score out of 5: 5.”

Steve N.

“The Betrayal of Innocence. A very moving novel, at times harrowing in its portrayal of the horrors of ethnic cleansing, the holocaust and atrocities of war. It struck a particular chord with me when relating to the holocaust, and this is indeed very well researched, striking a balance between the atrocities committed and the opposing strength of a benevolent human nature. A book I found hard to put down. Score out of 5: 5.”

Chris R.

“This has been well researched and is a harrowing story of man’s inhumanity to man. I found it hard to put down.”

Janet W, Somerset

“I have just finished Betrayal. May I compliment you on a ripping read. This stacks up with best of the published works I’ve read on this topic and it’s astonishing that you have had to do this yourself.
All of the characters are rounded and fit their place in the narrative. The storyline is passionate and contains a new twist on the Nazi atrocities carried out in the 1930s and 1940s. The double storyline of Joseph and his granddaughter Ellen captures the similarity of experiences and the helplessness of people suffering oppression, decades apart in time. This is especially relevant today in the light of so many race-based wars and consequent refugee migration.
The suffering experienced at the hands of others is portrayed with zeal and the conclusion both credible and emotional.
Another film in the making!”

Sean Dibb Holland – Doha, Qatar

“The main point to make is that I enjoyed the story you have told and found the book a convincing reflection of the world in which I grew up…
May I say what a joy it was to read such a well-produced book – good quality paper, generous margins, and readable print?
Thank you for tempting me to read a book which gave me great pleasure…”

J Warne – Somerset.

“We bought all three of your books and enjoyed each one; all being very different. I found them gripping and hope you have more up your sleeve. Looking forward in anticipation to your next book.”

Judy Crane – Somerset.

“Andrew was the speaker at a recent meeting of our Tangent Club and I was interested to read this book and was not disappointed. It was a part of European history which was new to me although I was of course familiar with the terrible treatment of the Jews with the growth of Facism, but was not aware of the Armenian persecutions or the part played by Mussolini in Italy. I was gripped by the two main story lines and it was 3.45am when I finished the book and was left which much to think about.”

J Lagden

“I have finished The betrayal of innocence. I thought it was superbly crafted and written and the ending was inspiring… I was actually reduced to tears. So many surprises and revelations that kept the pace and plot evolving at a rate that warranted my total involvement. SUPERB.”

Sue Meads – Burnham-on-Sea

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Betrayal of Innocence… Thank you for a good read.”

Beryl (Tish) Castle

“I’ve just read your second book and again thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a slow reader so the fact that I got through it in a week shows how well it kept me entertained and held my attention. I do look forward to seeing the next one published!”

Gill Sayzeland – Somerset

“What a fabulous read, really thought it was a marvellous story and I can’t wait for number three. Lovely tactile cover and good quality paper, a joy to read. Thank you once again.”

Evelyn May

“What a superb book. I enjoyed every minute of it. I purchased the book from you at Wells market some time ago but wouldn’t let myself start it until I had finished the two I was already reading!! Once I had started it, I couldn’t put it down. I found the historical element so interesting and informative and so sad when you knew what was bound to happen. Congratulations and thank you. One of the best I have read for a long time.

Barbara Goldsack– Wells Market, Somerset

“I bought the book from you at the Brent Knoll bizarre a couple of months ago and promised I would tell you what I thought. My husband also read it. We both loved the book and were very impressed by the detailed knowledge of the subject. I enjoyed it very much.”

Jane Yates – Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

“A real page turner and all I can say is that it must have been interesting, exciting and thoroughly enjoyable to have done the research for this! Many thanks.”

Dawn Davey – Wells Somerset

“I did enjoy it if one can say that about a book with so many examples of man’s inhumanity to man. I read quite a lot of books and one of my quirks is that if I cannot get on with an author’s style I find difficulty in sticking with it until the end. I had no such problems with your book and had difficulty in putting it down. I liked it.”

Roger Crump – Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

“I loved the story. The characters came alive among so many historical facts.
Hope you have plenty of success with your splendid writing.”

Patricia Mallick – Somerset

“A thoroughly enjoyable read. Parts of the story are so well written it could almost be a documentary… You can’t put the book down.
So much sorrow, but it is so well written… This was a well researched story and must have taken a long time to write.’
I am now looking forward to reading your other book.”

Susan Stent – Somerset

“Just to let you know that I have finished your book and found it riveting.
It is quite uncanny how closely it reflected my family’s struggle in
Germany and Italy. I am curious to know what prompted you to write The Betrayal of Innocence, and how did you manage to have such a deep understanding of the Jewish situation without having a Jewish background.”

Melita Rowe – Bristol

“A very well written book that kept me interested the whole way through. The two story lines and plot have been well worked into one of modern history’s greatest half centuries of horror. Although not a ‘war book’, the inhumanity faced by those involved is both shocking and highly moving; as the title infers the story is rife with the betrayal of innocence. As the ‘past’ story line gathered speed and caught up with the ‘present’ storyline, I could no longer stop reading! A great read.”

Chris – Helsinki

“A clearly well researched book which documents the horrifying story of a family caught up in the horrors of war and destruction.
A truly brilliant read and highly recommended.”

Barbara Brown – Dubai


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