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The Second Coming of Eve, Volume 1, The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home by AP Cruickshank

Isn’t it ironic that after centuries of driving countless numbers of natures’s awe-inspiring species to the edge of extinction…

…it is the human race that finds itself confronting the final reckoning…

Other titles by AP Cruickshank:

From the smallest of beginnings

From the smallest of beginnings book cover

Little did Stephen Thornycroft realise when he chose to help Susan Grey that within just a few days he would become entangled in a catalogue of horrifying events that would ultimately leave his survival in the balance.

As fate intervened, bringing Stephen and Susan together, they realised that the network of evil confronting them was not only brutal but inexorably closing in on them.

The Betrayal of Innocence

The Betrayal of Innocence book cover

Joseph Aizenberg escapes with only minutes to spare. As his homeland erupts into civil war and tens of thousands of his countrymen are butchered, Joseph evades Government troops to begin a new life in exile. Separated from his family with no money or possessions, he is forced to confront his past and make decisions that culminate in the slaughter of so many dear to him.

No Turning Back

No Turning Back book cover

Imagine the doubt you suffer as your entire world implodes before your very eyes, the anguish you feel as you witness the end of everything you’ve ever known and always taken for granted. This is precisely what confronts Matthew Green as he struggles to pick up the pieces of a once modest and unpretentious life. For all who survived, the choices were quite simple; you either committed absolutely and irreversibly to the future or you just gave in to the inevitable and lay down to die