From the smallest of beginnings

From the smallest of beginnings book cover

Little did Stephen Thornycroft realise when he chose to help Susan Grey that within just a few days he would become entangled in a catalogue of horrifying events that would ultimately leave his survival in the balance.

As fate intervened, bringing Stephen and Susan together, they realised that the network of evil confronting them was not only brutal but inexorably closing in on them.

It was only a matter of time before they had to accept there could be no escape; that there could be no turning back from the terrifying responsibilities they faced.

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Reviews for From the Smallest of Beginnings

“I found this a gripping tale.”

Janet W. Somerset

“I have brought the copy of From the Smallest of Beginnings out here to Spain and I have really enjoyed it. I found it an easy read, couldn’t put it down and loved the intriguing storyline, almost James Bond’ish and I hope you take that as a compliment? Towards the end I was beginning to have my suspicions about the characters and did find it a fitting end, sad but fitting. I now have to get your other books out of the library!”

Boo Matthews

“I have just finished From the Smallest of Beginnings. Well what can I say, it just gets better and better. So frightening and as you say, IT COULD HAPPEN. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so hurry up and get that thinking cap on, no pressure mind you, but am looking forward to the next one. Thank you.”

Evelyn May

“We bought all three of your books and enjoyed each one; all being very different. I found them gripping and hope you have more up your sleeve. Looking forward in anticipation to your next book.”

Judy Crane – Somerset.

“I really enjoyed the book – I literally had difficulty putting it down. It felt (and I mean this in a good way) like an Alistair McLean novel when he was at his best. I look forward to your next release!”

Russ Haines – Bristol

“A rattling good yarn! So nice to escape from the ‘approved’ formula stories and read an independent author’s work.”

Elizabeth Jane Walker.

“I found AP Cruickshank’s latest book totally compelling. It is an easy, uncomplicated read and I loved the various plots and complex character.”

S. Bayley – Somerset.

“A compelling read that leaves you wondering – what if? It’s a real cliffhanger.”


“A book I was unable to put down.”


“The suspense is almost unbearable.”


“This is an extremely profound and poignant read; could it be foretelling the future? I found it gripping.”